Bonus points for any of our clients who “got” the title instantly. You’ve been paying attention.

About 42 minutes into Mitchell’s first one-week vacation, a client asked a question, and Bill and I were asking ourselves, “What would Mitchell do?” Mitchell’s knowledge of social media platforms and analytics is legendary, and it’s no secret he’s the brains of the SSI operation.

So we decided to put his brain into our new software, Prophetly, which measures digital marketing results from impression to click to closed sale. It helps marketers quickly identify which channels are working, and which are not, so you can get Mitchell-like insights in seconds. We’re proud to launch the first set of self-serve features in a beta launch today, and you can sign up here and help us make Prophetly better.

prophetly end to end measurement system.png

In its current iteration, Prophetly connects to Google Analytics and allows you to: 

  • Turn individual Google Analytics conversion goals on or off in Prophetly, so you can easily separate out engagement (“watched a video”) from actions leading directly to an actual sale (“booked an appointment”).

  • Connect leads on a website to booked appointments and closed sales in Salesforce.

  • Gain quick, CMO-level insights into which digital channels are driving sales, or whether a specific campaign is working at all.

We’re in the process of connecting additional APIs like Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Mailchimp and more, so sign up now to get access to new features and functionality as they’re added.

Mitchell’s approach to analytics is embedded in Prophetly, but in truth, there’s a bit of all of us in it. Twenty-one years ago, Bill Sharpe inherited a demanding new client at Dell Canada, a hotshot American CMO parachuted in for a 2-3 year stint. She was impatient as hell and had a penchant for saying things out loud that most people keep to themselves. She refused to look at any creative, never bothered to find out what the impressions number was (believing it to be “a bunch of hooey”), and was relentlessly focused on the numbers --- and marketing that made the phones ring in the sales call center.

Bill’s response to her relentless complaints about missed call center forecasts (in either direction) and the resultant inability to staff the call center correctly, was to build a regression model that accurately predicted calls to within 3% of forecast, consistently. The independent variables were spend by media type, ad size, colour/no colour, region, seasonality, offer, media type…etc. The dependent variable was, of course, calls.

If you don’t recognize Bill’s cranky client, it was me. In the course of leading Dell from the #8 market share position to #1 in just under three years, a 21-year friendship and business partnership ensued. Yep, Bill and I have been doing machine learning (regression) since way before it was cool. And that’s also going in to the next iteration of Prophetly.

If you have read-only or higher access to a Google Analytics account, sign up for free to our beta product, and help us shape this product into something marketers love to use. We’re just getting started, but we aim to get better with each new release.

P.S. I still think impressions are a bunch of hooey. (The ever-diplomatic Mitchell: “Let’s keep those thoughts to ourselves, Heather”). Ok, done.