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Simmons Sharpe transformed our strategy based on an innovative product platform and pricing model, overhauled our website and digital content, and automated our sales process, all within 3 months. They are high impact, high speed.
— David Kelly, CEO

Saving fuel, saving the planet.

Blutip builds smarter fuel management solutions for high-horsepower diesel engines. Blutip’s SmartRFuel platform helps mines and fuel companies around the globe to significantly lower operating costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

New Desktop Website

New Desktop Website


Be different or be dead.

Simmons Sharpe set a differentiated strategy for Blutip, identifying, sizing, and prioritizing potential markets based on product/market fit and competitive intensity. We then overhauled the company value proposition based on selling their two products as a combined platform, which we called SmartRFuel, and creating an innovative new pricing model, Fuel Savings-as-a-Service.

Savings-as-a-Service eliminates any up front or monthly costs for customers - instead, Blutip simply receives 50% of the customer’s ongoing fuel savings. Under Savings-as-a-Service, customers receive free access to Blutip’s portal with customer data on fuel burn by truck, by load, by date of last maintenance, and the like. The data itself might be worth more than the initial fuel savings. From the customer’s perspective, it’s no risk, all reward.

Yeah, it’s catchy. And more importantly, it reduces the sales cycle, makes Blutip stand out, and creates an ongoing, “sticky” revenue stream.

New Mobile Responsive Website

New Mobile Responsive Website


Target Market Approachability (based on size and competition)




Product Positioning Migration


Blutip Fuel Savings as a Service.
It's no risk, all reward.

That's one hell of a tagline.


Execution matters. Do it now.

From there, Simmons Sharpe created video assets and infographics to communicate Blutip’s value proposition, developed a new logo, applied for 4 trademarks, and launched a blog and Twitter as a social channel. Then we developed Blutip’s new website including original content, a modern design, and lead generation elements such as a custom-coded fuel savings calculator. Next, we created a video about the benefits of SmartRFuel and launched an innovative video marketing platform, Vidyard, which has much higher open rates and 6 times the clickthrough rates of conventional email, social, or other marketing. We also launched Salesforce for Blutip’s entire organization, including custom workflows, reports, and dashboards. It was a busy weekend.



% decrease in bounce rate


% increase in time on site


new leads per month



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