Yin meets yang. McKinsey meets Madison Avenue. Social everything meets predictive analytics. Strategy meets execution. Meet Simmons Sharpe.


Heather Simmons

Co-Founder and Head of Strategy

Heather has served as a marketing leader for some of the world's largest brands and led multiple technology start-ups as a Chairman, CEO, or CMO. A former McKinsey consultant, Heather wields 2X2 matrices with aplomb. She’s a Certified Public Accountant (Texas) with a remarkable ability to synthesize strategic insights from masses of data. Heather led marketing and e-commerce teams at Dell for 13 years and was CMO for Dell Canada. Heather is the author of the 2015 book, Reinventing Dell: The Innovation Imperative. Heather has a BBA in Accounting from Baylor University, an MBA from Harvard Business School, with distinction, and an MA from OCAD University.

Andrew Opala

Chief Technology Officer

Bill Sharpe

Co-Founder and Head of Branding/Demand Generation

Bill is the former Chairman of Havas Worldwide Toronto. His previous clients included Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Xerox, Dell, IBM, PayPal, Air France, LVMH, Volvo, Belvedere Vodka, Merck, Reckitt Benckiser, Fidelity Investments, New Balance, and others. Bill has co-founded four marketing services companies, including two agencies which were sold to global advertising holding companies, an e-CRM company purchased by a U.S. venture capital company, and most recently Havas Digital, the fastest growing division of Havas Canada. Bill also built the first analytics engine for Dell Computer which is featured in Reinventing Dell. Heather was Bill’s client at Dell - and they still like each other.

Mitchell Hunter

Head of Digital Transformation

Mitchell is a music and new media enthusiast who began developing digital marketing campaigns for Grammy and Juno Award winning recording artists while still in high school. After studying marketing at the University of Toronto and Saint Mary’s University, he spent over 8 years working on digital campaigns for some of Atlantic Canada’s largest brands including Royale, Scotties, Empire Theatres, Kameleon Jewelry, and Needs Convenience. A “digital unicorn” (as coined by Heather and Bill), Mitchell’s vast strategic skillset includes web development, content strategy, social media marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and email marketing.

Andrew Opala has a knack of being involved in interesting ideas and companies involved in big transitions.  Most recently he was part of Addictive Mobility's success at building a data science team dedicated to machine learning and artificial intelligence.  Previously Andrew constructed chatbots at Tenfour Labs, predictive NLP algorithms for sentence completion at Voxavox, and pioneered VR and AR streaming frameworks for the first real mobile phones at iseemedia.  Andrew holds several International mobile streaming patents in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, certificates in ML, an MBA from Ivey, undergrad in Astronomy and Physics, and a hi-score in Galaga from 1984.