Vital Alert

Lead Generation & Social Publishing

Simmons Sharpe recommended social publishing using infographics targeted at our unique niche audiences. One of the infographics was successful, and one was not – which SSI identified immediately from the data, allowing us to refine the second wave of publishing.
— Michael Homer, CEO

Broadcasting from underground.

Talk about unique. Vital Alert specializes in very low frequency, through-the-earth communications for mines, subways, and tunnels. If you need to communicate underground in an emergency, you need Vital Alert.


Mom was right - it’s who you know.

The challenge for Simmons Sharpe was to help Vital Alert reach its unique target audience with a small sales team. Using social listening and publishing, SSI identified relevant social influencers and published a new “Underground City Risks” infographic to them. Combined with direct email outreach, influencer marketing drove over 50 new city administrator leads for the sales team.


Not everything’s gonna work.

Shhh. Not all of our stuff works, but we find out fast. Using our “Measure, Refine, Repeat” methodology, we identified and eliminated content that was not working in favor of content generating higher engagement and sharing behavior.



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