4 Reasons Why Your Customer Care Team Needs to be on Social Media


Social media has been a hot topic for marketers for years now, so why are 89% of social messages to brands ignored? Social media is conversational, and customers expect to be able to engage with companies and enjoy a personal 1-to-1 communication experience.

If your customer care team isn’t on social media, your business is missing out! Here’s 4 reasons why:

  1. The ROI is high. A 2017 report by Aberdeen Group found that companies that use social messaging achieve 25% greater annual growth in revenue than those who do not. Furthermore, social companies also see an 8.6% increase in average profit margin per customer. These are stats your CFO can’t ignore! Investing in social customer care will grow your business and positively affect your bottom line.
  2. Your customers are social. In 2016, Conversocial published a report stating that 54% of customers prefer social messaging channels such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp as their primary form of communication with brands over legacy channels such as email, phone, and web chat. These numbers continue to climb, and brands now have to focus on providing a superior multi-channel 1-to-1 customer service experience. 
  3. Reduce resource constraints. Adweek published an interview with Kriti Kapoor (Worldwide Social Customer Care Leader at Microsoft) where Kriti discussed how a phone conversation can resolve 1 customer’s issue but a social customer care post can resolve up to 40 customers’ issues. The transparent nature of social media allows you to service your customers more effectively and reduce your call centre and email volume.
  4. Positively influence brand reputation. A Queensland University study found that if the customer is engrossed in the experience and brand throughout recurring digital engagements, it has the potential to significantly affect the perception of company value. Your customers want to interact with you, and your brand reputation depends on it!

Your customer care team is your first line of defense for customer issues, your early warning system, and one of your best channels for engaging with customers. So what are you waiting for? Get started today with a free social customer care discovery session. Contact us for more details.